UP Pankh Portal Registration 2023 @www.uppankh.in Registration & Login यूपी पंख पोर्टल पंजीकरण

UP Pankh Portal Registration Process 2023 @ www.uppankh.in: In this article, we have given a lot of information about the Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal, like what Pankh is Portal? and how to register. We shared about the purpose etc.

UP Pankh Portal Registration 2023 @ uppankh.in

Recently you must have heard the name of the Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal. Many people do not know about it at all. That’s why we have written this article for those who want to know about UP Pankh Portal. Also, what is the process of registering on this portal? Want to know about it? First of all, it is discussed what this portal is for.

Let me tell you that it has been launched for the students of Uttar Pradesh. We are aware that from time to time, the Uttar Pradesh government keeps running one or the other scheme for the youth and students of the state.

Whose aim is to brighten the future of youth and citizens of the state. Let us know what UP Pankh Portal is. What is the process of registration for this?

What is UP Pankh Portal?

Pankh Portal was started by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Shree Yogi Adityanath. Now it comes to the point that what this portal is for. The purpose of this portal has been launched for the guidance of all the students of the state from ninth to twelfth.

Pankh Portal Registration 2023

Now it comes to what kind of guidance? We know that education is being made digital. In such a situation, there are many doubts about the student’s future career.

For which subject to choose in the next class are scholarship and study-related questions. Through this portal, village or city students sitting at home can easily take any career advice. If they need information about any stream or subject, they will get help through this portal. With this, efforts will be made to remove all the doubts in the students’ minds regarding their careers.

We know that due to the lack of facilities in the village, students cannot know much about their careers. In such a situation, students can easily get advice about what they should do through Pankh Portal, which will make their future bright.

Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal Highlights

We told you about the UP Pankh portal and have given you information about what is UP Pankh Portal so far! Also, let’s discuss further what its purpose is. Right now, we have highlighted some important information.

You probably want to go as soon as possible. We have decorated a table below. Much information related to Pankh Portal has been included in this.

पोस्ट का नाम UP Pankh Portal Registration
राज्य उत्तर प्रदेश
पोर्टल का नाम पंख पोर्टल
कब शुरू हुआ 5 सितंबर 2022
उद्देश्य करियर मार्गदर्शन
लाभार्थी 9th से 12th तक के छात्र
पात्रता उत्तर प्रदेश के सरकारी बोर्ड के विद्यार्थी
पंजीयन प्रक्रिया बताया गया है
वर्तमान वर्ष 2023
Official Website www.uppankh.in
Helpline Number N/A

UP Pankh Portal Vision – What is the purpose of the Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal?

As told to us that this portal’s purpose is for the student’s bright future. This portal has been made so that the village, country, and city children can know about their career guidance. Also, you can get advice regarding your career.

Due to a lack of resources, students cannot get much information about their careers. They get entangled in which career and subject they should choose because there is no one to guide them.

Not only can career information be obtained through Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal, but all the information related to education and scholarship will be shared through Pankh Portal, and this portal will be useful for the students of classes 9th to 12th. It is going to be very useful.

Benefits of the Pankh Portal 2023

What is Pankh Portal? What is its purpose? You have already come to know about all these things. Now it comes to the point that what are its benefits… By the way, I have already told you about its important benefits. But still, once again, let me tell you about the benefits of Pankh Portal.

  • Through this portal, boys and girls of Uttar Pradesh can get career guidance.
  • Students can get information related to their studies, such as examinations, subjects, scholarships etc.
  • You will be able to clear your doubts related to your studies.
  • You will be able to get the right guidance to make your career bright.
  • Through this portal, students from classes 9th to 12th of the state can get many benefits.
  • In the coming time, you can know information about many government schemes.

Eligibility for UP Pankh Portal

  1. Boys and girls should be natives of Uttar Pradesh state.
  2. Enrollment of students should be in government schools or government colleges of UP.
  3. A student should be from 9th to 12th.

How to register on Pankh Portal – UP Pankh Portal Registration Process

For the guidance of your career, all the guidance you want to get related to subject information, scholarship, etc. For this, you people will have to register by visiting www.uppankh.in registration. After that, you can log in to UP Portal through your User ID and Password.

All the benefits of Pankh Portal. To avail of this, you will have to create your account here. After creating an account, you will get all the guidance related to your career. I can get it. How to register? Its stepwise process is mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official website of the Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal! Or click on this link! Pankh Portal Registration 2023
  2. After opening the website, you will see the option of login. Click on the blue coloured button.
  3. Now the Pankh Portal Login page will have opened in front of you.
  4. You have to click on the option to log in by giving your student a unique ID and password.
  5. If a student does not have a unique ID, he can get one by contacting his school teacher or headmaster.


I hope you guys have easily created your Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal account by following my steps. Now it comes to how to log in on this portal. Because the website is new, people do not know much about it, so its process has also been mentioned. Through this, you can easily log in to this portal. You can get information about this.

  1. First, click on this link.
  2. Now a login page will open in front of you.
  3. Unique ID and Password will be asked here.
  4. Fill both the information and click on the option to log in.
  5. In this way, you can log in to the UP Pankh portal.

Friends, this portal is going to be very beneficial for the students. How important is career guidance? We all are aware of this. Choosing a career and knowing about the right subject is very important.

Most of the students do not have a guide. Due to this, they have to face a lot of difficulties. In such a situation, this portal will benefit all students who belong to the village and the city. This portal has been made for both boys and girls of classes 9th to 12th. A student can get guidance about his career-related questions from this.


I have given a lot of information about the Uttar Pradesh Pankh Portal. What is it? What are its advantages? What are the objectives? How to register? How to log in That’s all. Now you may have more questions related to this.

By the way, I have mentioned some questions below. Because maybe it is also coming to your mind that I have tried to include almost all the questions in this article.

So that when you read this article, you will get all the information related to Pankh Portal, so I have included some important questions through FAQ below. You can easily get the answers to those questions below it by clicking on it. If you have any questions after this, you can ask us through comments.


Which is the official website of UP Pankh Portal?

Actually, many people want to know the official website of the Pankh portal, which started in Uttar Pradesh. Please tell me that its official website is www.uppankh.in.

When was Pankh Portal launched?

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Yogi Adityanath has launched Pankh Portal.

What is the UP Pankh portal registration process?

This article has described its entire process step-wise, by following which you can easily register

How to get a Unique ID and Password for Pankh Portal?

As we said, a unique ID and password are required to log in to the Pankh portal. But the students do not have this. For this, you have to contact the teachers of your school or college.

What are the benefits of the UP Pankh Portal?

The main benefit of this will be given to the students from 9th to 12th. Through this portal, students can get guidance related to their careers.

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