[New] Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF Download for SSC, Railway & Banking Exams

Recently a new book has been launched by Neetu Mam for all the candidates of SSC. The name of this book is Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF Download. This post will give you complete information about such a book. Many of you students want to download a PDF of this book. But we will tell you why this should not be done. If you want related information, please read the entire post carefully.

Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF Download for SSC, Railway & Banking Exams

Book Name

Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book for General Competition




Vocab: Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution and Idioms and Phrases

Book Format



Vocab with Image



Written by

Neetu Singh

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Neetu Singh is a teacher who runs her coaching in Delhi. Many children study with Neetu Singh, Mam, to prepare for English for competitive exams. There is a book by Neetu Mam which is for English Grammar. It is very popular among children. Most toppers also get good marks in English by reading this book. Be it any student who prepares for SSC Railway or Banking.

He must read this book of Neetu Ma’am at least once in his preparation time.

Features of Neetu Singh Books

The specialty of Neetu Mam’s books is that she writes books in this way, as if a teacher himself is teaching them. That is, when you are reading the book, you will not feel at all that you are reading it because such sentences are used in it, making the students feel that they are in a class only. Its language has so much purity, so students can easily understand all the chapters.

Key Features of Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF Download

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • One word substitution
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Words with Images
  • Words with Uses

Why Neetu Ma’am Launched New Vocabulary Book PDF 2023


As we all know, Neetu Ma’am Grammar Book contains all the Grammar chapters. Along with this, all the Vocabulary has also been covered, like Synonyms, Antonyms, Word Substitution, Idioms and Phrases etc. But still, I launched my Vocabulary book. Let us know what would have been the main reason for this.

Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF

We all know that memorizing Vocabulary is not an easy task. It seems very difficult; the same type can happen many times, which creates confusion in our minds. Due to this, it becomes difficult to remember any word. The same, ma’am; I have launched this book so that all the children who face problems in remembering Vocab. He could read this book.

Talking about the specialty of this book and the meaning of words, an image has also been given in it. Due to this, it becomes very easy for all the students to remember the word with the image.

All the chapters of Vocabulary are included in this book. You can order this book through Flipkart, Amazon and KD Publication Website. This book is also available on the official website of KD Publication.

If you want, you can order Neetu Ma’am Vocabulary Book from there too. By the way, if you want to buy which one, then you should go to the nearest bookstore, there you will get the book, it is possible that if you do not get it now, then the book was launched only last month.

Buy from KD Publication Click Here
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Don’t Download Neetu Ma’am Vocabulary Book PDF

Now there will be many students among you who would like to download this Neetu Ma’am New Vocab Book PDF. We request all those students not download its PDF at all. You may be punished for doing so.

Anyway, reading from PDF is very difficult. You, people, have to see it on mobile again and again. Please order or buy this book from the shop if you want it.

This post was written only for information about this book. We cannot give any type of PDF in this post… We are giving below the link to how to buy Neetu Singh’s New Vocabulary Book and where to buy it, and you can order this book from any platform you want.


In this post, we have given much information about the Neetu Singh Vocabulary Book PDF Download . What is its specialty from which chapters in the book? All these have been discussed about where to get the book and how to get it!

Complete information related to this has also been given to everyone; I hope you liked this post. And please share this informative post with your friends preparing for SSC, Railway or Banking exam so that they can get this new Vocabulary book. To know about.


Has Neetu Singh, ma’am, launched New Vocab Book?

Yes! Friends, one Vocabulary book has been launched by Neetu Mam.

How to order this book?

You can order this book through Flipkart, Amazon or KD Publication’s website to get it.

Can we buy Offline Vocab Book?

If you want to buy this book offline, contact the nearest bookstore, maybe in the bookstore or the book.